Where it started.

I started making things as a form of pain relief (I know it sounds weird but stay with me).

I have chronic pain in my joints and I find that making things keeps my mind focused on something and can help me feel better without medication.
Crocheting small items and making beads is perfect for me because I can take my project to work etc. but having an endless supply of completed stuff sitting around without a purpose became a problem. I started to string them together to make things for our house and then decided to sell them to you good people so I can keep making them!

Who are Fidget and Bobby?

Fidget was a little albino rat my husband and I adopted many years ago; the first of many. She was our heart rat and we were inseparable until she passed at a grand old age of 2 and a half.

Bobby and (most recently) Dee are the current holders of our hearts. They take the form of Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and are the softest and most affectionate dogs I have ever known. Bobby regularly wants a cuddle and sleeps with his face buried in my armpit while I watch TV. Dee loves leaning on people and licking everything. She's my crafting companion; watching over me while I work.
Both will do just about anything for a snack.

Me, my husband, Bobby and Dee all live happily together in Derbyshire.
My husband will also do anything for a snack.

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